Ruby Developers

Hire Ruby developers with Crox Technology who are the best fit.

We let you hire a Ruby developer who will become your full-time team member. They dedicatedly work on your project and hence, are inspired to deliver optimum performance. Manage them directly while we ensure to take charge of equipment, tax, payroll, and provide full support to your development team.

With Crox Technology, you can easily recruit Ruby developers talented in the technologies like Ruby/Ruby on Rails, RSpec, MiniTest, Cucumber, MySQL, PostgreSQL TypeScript, Sass, Haml, and CoffeeScript.

How We Make It Work for You?

  • Share your requirements for the Ruby on Rails developers you are looking to hire.
  • Our recruiting team searches our huge database for the talent you require and share the CV of the best-fit candidates.
  • conduct personal interviews and approve every professional Ruby on Rails developer. You get satisfaction because of the individuals you have finalized yourself.
  • We provide full support to your team and ensure that they have all the equipment and software they want for your project.

Have Your Team Ready

  • Our managers assist you to establish a connection with your Ruby developers and recommend the best project management practices.
  • Our Agile trainers will monitor your team’s performance and assist you to manage your internal processes to ensure the team’s productivity.
  • Our system administrators will be taking care of the workstation requirements of your developers.
  • We have retention managers to motivate your developers by organizing fun meet-ups, workshops, and conferences. 
  • Let our professional accountants deal with tax, payroll, and other administrative issues.
  • Our professionals will provide you with all required support and you simply enjoy collaboration with a trusted tech partner.
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