QA Engineers

Are you struggling to find QA engineers in your budget? Do you want to hire someone who can exclusively work on your project and find bugs like anything? Well, we at Crox Technology help you find and hire a talented software tester without delay.

Why You Should Consider Hiring QA Engineers with us?

Have Ultimate Control

Before referring to you, we pre-screen QA Engineers as per your requirements. After taking interviews, you can personally approve them and they become a natural extension to your team. You are not supposed to bear all the charges rather you only pay once you get a perfect match of QA engineers as per your requirements.

Rapid Hiring Process

With Crox Technology, the entire hiring process is accomplished within weeks. Due to our exhaustive database and professional network, we help you find the right candidate without delay. For a faster hiring process, you can rely on us.

Flexible Team Size

Adding a member to your team or removing him is equally easy with us. We help you increase or decrease your team size by sharing only one month’s prior notice. It is that easy with us which you will not find anywhere.

No Hidden Charges

We have a transparent pricing policy, which is why you can rely on us. Everything is communicated prior and that is why you never have to worry about any kind of hidden charges. You will be responsible for paying your monthly salary with no extra charges.

Effective Communication

We understand the competitive market and hence, all the candidates selected by us possess effective communication. We chose only those individuals who possess great communication skills to ensure having a smooth connection while working on your project.

Trusted Association

Crox Technology has been engaged in helping businesses around the world. Building your remote development team is our responsibility and we gladly take it. With our credibility, you can easily connect with us for a trusted association.

QA Services

Depending on your needs, we bring to you QC and Testing services that are available on-demand. Our QA experts will assist you to recognize the stumbling blocks and ensure that your product complies with the quality standards. A customized testing package is available on request.

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