PHP Developers

If you are looking to hire top PHP developers, we can simplify it for you. Share your needs, take a personal interview, select the best talent and start working without delay.

Manage your team directly while we take care of workstations, equipment, and support staff to handle tax, payroll, and HR tasks.

With us, you get a dedicated PHP developer that becomes your full-time team member. The individual will be working full time exclusively on your project and is motivated to ensure productivity.

At Crox Technology, you can recruit PHP developers that are expert in the various technologies: PHPUnit, Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Joomla, Magento, Yii Framework, WordPress and Drupal.

How We Make It Work for You?

  • Connect with us and share the specific needs and skills of a PHP programmer you want.
  • Our professionals search through our database to find the perfect fit and share the resumes of the best candidates with you.
  • You conduct a personal interview and after your approval, every team member will be a part of your team. This way, you can be sure of finding the perfect developers having all the required expertise.
  • We help you build a remote team and ensure that they are provided with all the required hardware and software support.
  • Enjoy partnership with a trusted tech firm that is backed by decades of experience. Crox Technology has so far got accolades from clients.

Have Your Team Ready 

  • Our HR Managers help you build great relationships with your remote PHP developers besides sharing the best practices on project management.
  • With the support of our dynamic consultant, you get your team ready to work on an effective software development methodology.
  • Our system administrators will ensure that the engineers get fully functioning workspace support.
  • We motivate employees by encouraging fun corporate events including workshops, conferences, meetups to keep them satisfied.
  • Our accounting team manages all administrative responsibilities that include payroll and taxes.
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