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We help you build your remote team of professional .NET developers from different locations. Share your needs with us, conduct candidate screening and hire the best talent.

We have an extensive database of many software professionals, who are having rich industry experience and have all the expertise required to undertake any size of a complex project. With us, you can find .NET developers that fit your needs 100%, and then you hire based on your approval after the interview. After that, we provide our consistent support to you and your professional ASP.NET developers.

Why You Should Consider Hiring .NET Developers with us?

Build Remote Team

Every .NET developer you hire with us will be a remote but dedicated resource to your project. You get the same productivity as an in-house employee because he will be working for you full-time, 5 days a week.

Manage Team Directly

With us, you get an assurance of no third-party interferences. We enter only when you seek our assistance. Hence, you get to manage your team directly to run the business operation.

Experienced.NET Developers

We assist you to hire professional .NET developers with experience in various technologies: ASP.NET ASP.MVC, ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL, VB.NET, F#, and Entity Framework. Besides, you get experts in NoSQL,
MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ, and CouchDB.

Workstation Support

We ensure to take all the responsibility to help your team work efficiently. The hired professionals are provided with all the required hardware and software support besides a comfortable workstation.

Ongoing Team Support

Our team of HR professionals, office managers, and system administrators ensures that your .NET development team works in the best conditions and that is why we provide every possible support.

Productivity Support

Our account manager assists you to build a great work relationship with the .NET developers. Besides, he shares effective practices of project management so that you get optimum productivity.

Agile Training

Our dynamic consultant will be ready to assist your team ensuring maximum efficiency. Hence, we also help you learn and use the best software development methodology.

Team Retention Support

We ensure that you get a great relationship with the team and hence, encourage workshops, meet-ups, and tech events. Our retention specialists ensure that every .NET developer hired with us stays encouraged to work efficiently.

Administrative Help

We provide our all-around support to help you streamline your business operations and that is why, undertake responsibilities like taxes, payroll, sick days, benefits, and vacations.

Reduced Cost

As we help you build a remote team, our clients need not worry about office spaces and several employee benefits. It helps them saving labor costs while ensuring maximum productivity.

Great Flexibility

No matter whether you want to hire a single ASP.NET programmer or a full development team, we accommodate your choices with flexibility. Simply giving us one month's notice is enough to alter the size of your team.

Trusted Association

We have been working for start-ups, medium-sized and multinational companies for so long, which has gained us accolades from our clients. If you are looking for a trusted partnership, you can rely on us.

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