Full-Stack Developers

Want to hire professional full-stack developers? At Crox Technology, we can help you access a team of talented software engineers - a remote team that you manage directly, while we ensure to take up all the back-office hassles like payroll, tax, and workstations.

This best industry talents have professionals that are ready to be a full-time extension to your team, working for you 5 days a week during full job hours.

Crox Technology Full-Stack Development Services

Custom Development

Crox technology provides you with professional full-stack developers to assist you with front-end and back-end product support. Our developers come with multi-faceted skills with expertise in server, UI, and database programming. So, there will be all the required expertise to develop a product from start.

Scaling of Existing Product

Our full-stack engineers are ready to take up challenges by utilizing their vast development skills. Working towards development, our professionals cater to your various development requirements. It helps you scale your platform and build a product that is robust enough for the thriving market needs. By hiring our developers with versatile skills, you need to hire many developers.

Integrating Data

Our full-stack developers are proficient in their skills and hence, integrate your platform with both internal as well as external platforms. They are capable to handle the front-end and back-end parts so that your product can run smoothly and ensure a positive user experience.

Consistent Product Support

At Crox Technology, our full-stack programmers are there to assist you all the time to support your platform. If you need them at any stage of development, they are there to provide consistent support. Our professionals are experts in managing versatile projects that start from database management to develop a fully functional website.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Developers with us?

Expert Full-Stack Developers

With us, you can be sure of accessing the best industry talent as we have hired them after pre-screening so that you can get only the potential candidates. Hence, you get software engineers that are 100% aligned with your requirements. Further, you can set your test assignments to ensure suitable recruitment.

Quick Hiring

We have an extensive database of skilled professionals which means that our recruiting consultants can find you the best fit for the full-stack developer role within weeks.

Dynamic Consultant

Our in-house dynamic consultant is there to assist you at every step of hiring. We will ensure your team is fully functional and is proficient in working with the latest development practices.

Work Space

Every hired full-stack developer will be provided with a fully-equipped workstation at our development centre. We make sure that they are equipped with all the required software.

Support Team

We support our clients with managers, accountants, and system administrators. These professionals help you establish a connection with your dedicated full-stack development team and ensure smooth communication. Further, we help you with effective team management strategies that will result in the end products you are looking for.

Retaining Team

If you are interested in recruiting full-stack developers for an extended period, we help you with retention. We assist you to implement an employee retention policy to ensure you have a loyal team by providing a positive work atmosphere.

Administrative Help

We ensure that you stay focused on the development process and hence we take care of all the administrative responsibilities. We take care of the payroll, tax, and vacation details of your full-stack software professionals.

Trusted Partner

Crox Technology offers you a trusted platform where you can utilize the experience of decades. Therefore, our clients trust us for hiring the best industry professionals because we ensure quality and reliability in our services.

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