Security Testing

Retain your customer’s trust with Crox Software Security Testing Services by protecting the confidentiality of your sensitive data and increasing your business agility.

The penetration testing services offered by us will help you to keep away security breaches, information losses and reputational damages which may cause you to pay thousands of dollars and may take weeks to recover. We adhere to best industrial practices and methodologies such as PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standards), OWASP Testing Guide and NIST SP800-115 (Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment) to perform cybersecurity assessments.

We are here to assist, if you:

  • Want to identify the vulnerabilities and security threats to any product you have developed
  • Want to test the security and reliability of the software solution you have modernised lately
  • Want to ensure your company’s resistance to cybersecurity threats if you operate online
  • Want to test the functionality and resistance to breaches for a product you bought only

How does it Work?

Project Initiation

We spell out the test parameters (test type, test scope, test channels, test vectors, attacker’s profile) and accordingly constitute a security assessment team.

Information Gathering

Information is collected about a specified object along with its infrastructure making use of the Data mining techniques like Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)


We pick up the suitable set of vulnerability scanning tools and carry out an in-depth risk assessment and analysis.

Manual Search

We approve the results of the analysis and determine the potential threats and security gaps.

Penetration and Privilege Escalation

We make use of the flaws or Configuration oversights to gain a better access to private resources, thereby testing the defence mechanism’s efficiency.


A detailed report is furnished on the identified vulnerabilities, procedures for vulnerability validation, and guidance for managing risks related to it.

Result Presentation

An action plan with a gradual recommendation for the remediation of the found vulnerabilities.

Our Penetration Testing Services

Black Box Security Testing

Black Box Security Testing is similar to an authentic experience of hacking where no background detail is received by the penetration tester. This approach brings out hidden vulnerabilities and settle maximum problems with minimum effort.

White Box Security Testing

Here, the penetration tester is provided with broad information about the environment before the testing is performed. To achieve great results, White Box Security Testing should be performed in combination with black box testing to achieve better results.

Grey Box Security Testing

Performed at the user-level, the Grey Box Security Testing allows the penetration tester to have either a general or a partial information about the infrastructure. It is extensively put into operation by applications that require access to the user.

What Will You Get with Crox?

  1. Steady enhancements of the Product Quality
  2. Testing models which are flexible and cost-effective
  3. Prompt availability of resources
  4. Real-time tracking of progress and transparency
  5. Dependable System of Service Quality Metrics

Security Testing Services Offered by Us

Penetration Testing

The Penetration Testing Services offered by us cover application, system and network, helping you to identify and validate possible security threats. The actions of the potential intruder are monitored in this security-testing approach, which allows you to take preventive measures ahead of time. Our Penetration Testers will show you the potential impact on your information assets if a vulnerability exploitation takes place and provide practical recommendations for their removal.

Vulnerability Assessment

In-Depth Evaluation of your System’s health is performed using automated-vulnerability scanners and furnish fixes for reducing security risks. These Vulnerability Assessments assist you to identify and gauge the severity of Security Issues, ahead of being exploited by hackers as well as cut down the application downtime.

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