Process Consulting

A Product Development Process, which is healthy and efficient contributes to bringing your product to market faster, which also ensure its quality. We cater to a wide range of process consulting services directed at analysing, analysing and even revolutionize your current process.

Launch WorkshopDevelop a strategic team extension plan. The workshop consists of:

  • Laying out and documenting team make up, roles and responsibilities
  • Analyse the current software development process and establish a list of improvements.
  • Determine the key problems and the risks that can emerge from new team composition and crafting a response strategy
  • Design a comprehensive plan for the onboarding of new members.

Start-up PMDevelop and implement effective management and communication practices surrounded by your product development team by working alongside an experienced project manager. Our Start-up PM leads to:

  • A more efficacious process of Development
  • A Communication Strategy which is transparent
  • Heightened predictability and quality of software delivery
  • Monitoring team progress by regular comprehensive reports
  • Regular advancement of development process

Agile ConsultingA step-by-step transformation of your organisation that flourish in a collaborative, flexible and rapidly evolving environment. Our Agile Consulting consists of the following services:

  • Begin your Agile Transformation journey from Scratch by exposing you to the Lean Principles and Agile‚Äôs Core Values
  • Imparting your Development Team to create and retain knowledge and give forth high quality products quickly with the help of an extensive application of ace engineering practices
  • To effectuate a smooth switch over of your development process to Scrum or Kanban.
  • Helping you to enhance the way you deliver business value to your customers by determining your value streams, identifying obstructions, finding the room for improvement in your process development
  • Scan the progress of your team for a minimum period of one month within the new framework

Team Lead BoosterThis program of modular mentoring is crafted for those team leaders and project managers, who lack extensive team leadership experience. During the program, the leaders:

  • Receive the theoretical knowledge needed for efficient process and people management
  • To develop those personality traits which are imperative for leading and influencing the people
  • Learn to boost the performance of the team

Why Choose Process Consulting Service from Crox?

Agile Transformation

We assist you to evolve an extensive Agile Strategy for the transformation of the organization and workflow, optimization of the delivery and easy integration with your present operational model.

Gap Analysis

Our expert IT Consultants will analyse your company’s processes and operations to determine areas which need improvement and possible gaps and recommend suitable methodologies and practices for your business.

Performance Optimization

Your team’s composition and effectiveness are analysed by us and we advise you on those favourable set of skills, roles and important procedures which will enhance your team’s ability to bring forth high quality software.

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