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Are you are having a tough time with IT recruitment and staffing of tech anywhere around the world? Are you finding it difficult to fill your software engineering vacancies with local talent pool? Then Crox Technology will help you to relocate software engineers from India. The country boasts of the largest tech talent pool, has the advantage of excellent English Skills along with an international work experience.

The Reason to Relocate Developers from India

India has the edge of having the largest number of IT professionals. This translates into the fact that hiring the talent from here will ensure that you will find the candidates having the right balance of skills and experience, which you are looking for.

What We Do?

  • Find the right developer and thoroughly screen them based on your requirements and specifications
  • Fix a face-to-face interview with the candidates chosen by you
  • Help new hired candidates with transportation, work permits and assist them with accommodation in your country
  • To manage all the paperwork including translating and legalizing candidates’ documents

How We Work?

  • To make the tasks hassle free and fast for our clients, the developers are relocated every month.
  • In contrast to the time taken for average recruitment and relocation process, which takes about 4-7 Weeks, our recruiters take within 2-4 Week to deliver qualified candidates for interview.
  • For thoroughly preselecting them, the developers must meet us in person before they are introduced to you.
  • The recruitment fees quoted by us is typically lower than general local technical staffing agencies.
  • In contrast to the typical IT recruitment agencies, you are charged for Resumes, rather only pay for the candidates hired by you.

Why Relocate Software Developers with Crox?


With an access to huge pool of over thousands of IT Professionals in India, Crox allows you to recruit even the hardest-to-find candidates for your location. Each vacancy is tailored to individual needs and requirements and the most efficient recruitment techniques are applied, so that the developers can overcome their relocation hesitation.


Our experienced staff of expert recruiters can assist you to save time for hiring and relocating the best candidates from India, which is one of the biggest IT destinations.

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