Dedicated Team

At Crox, we have enough flexibility to cater to your specific needs. So, if you want to hire a single software developer or a dedicated team that can deliver on cross-functional basis in Eastern Europe, our services are at your fingertips. Candidates are pre-screened based on your needs. We also facilitate to carry out as many interviews rounds as you require so as to hire the best talent.

Once the members of your expanded development teams are approved by you, they become your employees, working full time one of the four offices located in Ukraine. You have the freedom to directly supervise your team, while infrastructure, developer retention and administrative support are managed by us.

We have


  • Well-equipped modern offices in largest tech cities of India
  • Office managers, who ensure your software developers are furnished with everything they need for work
  • System Administrators
  • Office access control systems
  • Added measures for security (if required)

We Offer

Client and Developer Support

  • A devoted HR/Client Manager, who promotes communication between you and your team
  • Reviews of the development team’s performance done on a regular basis
  • Periodic evaluation of developer’s job satisfaction
  • Close scrutiny of your feedback on your team’s quality of work
  • Technical Events and Corporate Outing for fun

Additional Pros

Administrative Support

  • Legal Advisors and Accountants
  • Taxes and Payroll for your Developers

Why pick Extended Team Model in contrast to Project Outsourcing?

Custom Recruitment

Each developer working on your Project is chosen by you after we initiate the selection process based on your needs. There is no option of choosing from the bench.

High Commitment from Developer

Software Developers from Crox are as much dedicated to your success as your in-house team. They are your full-time employees.

Direct Communication

All the communication by you, your project manager and the tech lead with your development team is transparent and open with no middlemen or any scope for miscommunication.

Predictable Costs

The salaries to your dedicated developers as well as our flat monthly fees for services are directly paid by you.


You have the option to change the team’s size on a month’s notice. You can also request advanced IT Security.

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