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Discuss Your Needs

The very first move we take is having a conversation to discuss your business requirements, team size, job roles, and terms & conditions. We divide it into two steps to set up the process:

Personal Call & Hiring
We evaluate your needs well to enlist all the relevant requirements. Based on that, you can hire a single remote developer or set up a fully cross-functional team.

Online Meet
Sometimes, it is not feasible to start immediately due to the complexity of a project. Hence, we conduct an online meet to plan out an entire plan that works for both parties.

Conduct Interview to Get Remote Developers on Board

Our recruiting consultants prepare a job description based on mutually consented needs. by using specialized techniques and using our database, they shortlist suitable candidates. These shortlisted people have to appear for an interview. Hence, you get only hand-picked professionals and take personal interviews to ensure suitability.

You are free to use the interview methods to find the best candidates. You may share your own test tasks, code samples or can invite the candidates for a live coding session. However, we will take care of performing reference checks on the selected candidates. By taking a personal interview, you can be sure of picking the talent that is the best fit for your organization.

Ready to Work

We ensure that your remote developers are well-equipped with all the necessary infrastructural facilities. To create a thriving atmosphere, we motivate employees to give their best through various workshops and seminars.

Our HR and Administration experts make a successful onboarding for your local as well as a remote team. Besides, we also take care of the retention program to reduce risk and make your team motivated.

To ease you off, we also handle tax, payroll, leaves, and employee records so that you can spare time to focus on your core business goals.

Select the methodology you want to ensure smooth management of your remote development team.

Continuous Support

We believe in providing ongoing support to our clients at any stage they want. Hence, we assign dedicated personnel to assist you with hiring and building a rapport with your remote development team. Our client manager stays in touch with both parties to ensure smooth communication.

Your client manager will be responsible for conducting performance reviews of engineers, accessing their job satisfaction level, and taking care of the feedback regarding work quality and professional growth. He will discuss performance and recognize the improvement areas.

We take all the required measures to protect your network, data, and employees. Your remote development team is supported by our administrators for information security. Besides, additional security measures can be added.

We conduct team-building activities including seminars, workshops, and meetups to create a healthy and comfortable work environment.

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