Telecom Software Development

Achieve operational efficiency and overcome technological threats

It has become a mandate for telecom providers to deal with security challenges. So, they tend to seek effective solutions to address performance issues, reduce operational costs and make their services stand out.

At Crox Technology, our software developers assist telcos to develop cross-platform solutions that help in communication management, network and facilities uninterrupted messaging and video conferencing, etc. Our telecom services are known for helping clients at various locations while decreasing their financial burden.

How We Can Assist?

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud communication is easy to use and it empowers users with various collaboration tools. At Crox Technology, we can build reliable cloud-based platforms to support various languages as well as APIs. The platforms we develop also feature all the required functions, be it virtual mailboxes or voice encryption and VoIP technology.

Enhanced Connectivity

Users become loyal consumers when they get uninterrupted connectivity. In today’s fast-paced life, everything needs to be quick and so are your services and applications. Our software developers facilitate you by building reliable telecom software to enable video streaming, live conferencing, and more. It is easy to integrate these solutions with any device, PC or mobile.

Operational Security

Ensuring system security is the need of the hour. Crox Technology developers team takes care of your communication privacy on different levels. They help you provide secure solutions while integrating all the required features to avoid the risk of fraudulent activity. For secure software, we optimize smart intrusion detection and algorithms catering to data encryption.

Tracking Performance Issues

Having strong OSS/BSS solutions is a mandate to support your end-to-end telecommunication services. Our professionals can assist you to find operational support systems that can help you in multiple ways. Be it customer management, network inventory, or order orchestration, we help you with it all.

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